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Conchy Joe's Therapy

Wanted to tell you this Saturday night but no good opportunity. The first time I crossed paths with you was August 22, 2021, Sunday River Walk. It had been very hard few weeks, life ending journey. As I stood there I talked to strangers, no less than three were going through the same heart wrenching experience that week. People were stressed then and still are now. But you changed that even if was for only couple of hours. You told me the other night you're an OK singer. Singing since you were a teenager. I'd say you're more than ok....but there is something create a connection with your "pep talk." You did it Saturday night too. The pep talk acknowledges peoples state of mind and in doing so you create a bond. One that relaxes people, it conveys trust and sincerity. It's "A political" but yet mentions differences. I brings people together, I don't know the exact words you said....but what you do there is a very good and important's like you invited folks on 2 hour relief journey. Then you start with something like....Lets Go! You can't pull that off, if you're not sincere. Keep it up, you're genuine....stay humble. People are greatly influenced by your talent, sincerity and energy. Until the next time...soon I hope....Stay well !

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